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VPS vBox 10
4 CPU Cores
330 GB Storage
$165.00 / month

VPS vBox 9
4 CPU Cores
270 GB Storage
$130.00 / month

VPS vBox 8
4 CPU Cores
225 GB Storage
$110.00 / month

VPSs Clarified

You have your own domain and are desperately striving to find suitable web hosting services and hosting plans? As you have arrived at this page, most likely you are.

Pak Web Service is a time-tested hosting solutions provider, which gives you the opportunity to host unlimited domains and to create unmetered MySQL databases. You obtain unlimited web space, the free-of-charge Hepsia hosting Control Panel, free-of-cost website templates, a cheap domain, a 1-click web application installer and a big collection of supplementary web hosting features for just $12.00 a month. And there are no registration fees! And if you have a resource-absorbing website, we recommend you to have a glimpse at the VPS hosting plans provided by Pak Web Service.

An Advanced VPS Hosting Solution

Pak Web Service offers an affordably priced high-performance VPS hosting solution to its customers to satisfy their expanding web hosting necessities. All VPSs offer PostgreSQL, InnoDB and NodeJS support. With the Varnish Cache web accelerator and the Memcached distributed memory caching system, your websites will load much faster. You can choose an OS and a hosting Control Panel. You can also boost the amount of RAM memory and request more dedicated IPs. Furthermore, we offer optional managed services, including weekly Operating System updates, custom software activation and troubleshooting services.


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