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What is Web Hosting Reseller?

Hosting is the service you demand in order to make your web portal available on the World Wide Web for the whole world to see. There are lots of individuals who want to create their own personal site, which is an explanation why the hosting industry niche is flourishing and pulsating with life.

Resell website hosting solutions, get a chunk of the pie yourself!

Why don't you become a web hosting distributor then? 'What about all the hassle of renting web hosting servers, billing customers, hiring employees and going around datacenter facilities to determine which one is the most appropriate?', you might query. No, no, that is not how it works any longer! You can be a reseller! That's right - you can resell the hosting solutions supplied by another web hosting distributor, on behalf of your own personal brand name. This practice is not new and has been increasing in popularity as a way to earn decent money on the side. It can be a main source of revenue for you too, but that thoroughly depends on how serious you are about investing time in finding clients. Yes, attracting clients - that is your prime assignment as a hosting reseller, although, depending on the reseller web hosting services provider you are using, you might need to also build your website and bill and support your clients yourself.

The most effortless way to be a reseller

There is an option to avoid all that. It is the unique Free Reseller Program, offered by ResellersPanel. With them, you do not have to buy any of the web hosting solutions beforehand yourself - you simply register for a web hosting reseller account, which offers marketing tools and lots of price and web hosting product modification possibilities. Their technical support department is quite supportive.

Web Hosting Reseller

They permit you to resell all their hosting products - from shared hosting packages to dedicated servers. We also offer semi-dedicated and VPSs (VPSs). With their private virtual hosting server plans and dedicated web hosting server accounts they offer three web hosting CPs and a complimentary invoicing tool - ClientExec. They will install it for you once you request it, because it cannot be immediately installed without certain supplementary details required from you.


The best part about their reseller web hosting scheme, however, is that there are no limitations as to how much you can sell. There are no web content storage space or monthly bandwidth quota limits, there is no limit to the amount of customers you can obtain. You are like a doorway through which clients rush in an eternally huge eating house and start ordering whatever dish they want - the legion in the kitchen will furnish everything that's on the menu for each and every client that pays a visit.

They offer a cPanel reseller web hosting program as well. They are able to provide you with a fantastic technical support service and your shared, VPS, semi-dedicated servers and dedicated server clients will receive a similar kind of professional aid. The cPanel web hosting clients, however, are your obligation, but you can move them over to a non-cPanel hosting solution in order to concentrate more on the marketing aspect.


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